Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 16

Not too much to report in the garden -- its a matter of weeding, watering and bringing in the few things that we can harvest already.  I have so much Swiss Chard, I'm cutting for the chickens and deer lately. Way too much!  Who wants some?  Come on out and get it!
 Bringing in a few tomatoes, mostly the large cherry and the volunteer black cherries.
 I hadn't checked the plum tree in a while and the plums have really grown!  A few have a blush of pink on them.
 John out in the field doing some weeding there.
See the little tromboncino squash?!!
And these are two of the BHN444 tomatoes that had frozen back to the main stem.  I just put them in one of the beds up in the yard to see what would happen.  They've made a great recovery!  We'll see what happens.
Some of the morning glories are coming up pink!  So we have a reddish and a pink.  Very pretty!
The Datura has started to bloom!  These angel trumpets will be in full bloom by tomorrow morning!

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