Monday, June 2, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 18 -- End of May

Again, not much going on in the garden, just upkeep and harvesting a few things.
 The peaches are just about ready to harvest -- one fell off the tree in the hard rain we had last week, so I brought it in and its soft and ready now.  We'll probably be picking these this week, or next.
 Okay, what the heck is wrong with my squash???! Stunted, already flowering...I'm ready to pull it all up and throw up my hands in disgust.
 These are a few of the Chinese greens -- I still have a small patch of these that the armadillo missed.  I think what we have here is (top to bottom) Komatsuma Tendergreen Mustard, Mizuna Greens, Chinese Kale, and Jiu Tou Niao Mustard.  I'm gonna pull all of it and we'll have about two meals worth in a few days.
Last look at these very pretty pansies that I planted last fall just before Molly's wedding.  They are "outta here" to make room for a summer friendly planting around the big burr oak.  I'm putting in sweet potato plants in their place.  I hate to pull them when they are still looking so pretty -- but the sun is already starting to give them hell.  They wouldn't last long anyway.

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