Friday, November 15, 2013

Vietnamese Food and a Very Special Night in San Francisco!

Our final day with JR and Ashley we were taken to a French/Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch.  I confess this was my first Vietnamese meal -- and I'm wondering why it took me so long! It was really very delicious, and very filling.  I opted for the noodle bowl, with pork.  What a delicious mix of shrimp, pork, carrots and bean sprouts, lettuce vermicelli noodles and spring rolls.  It came with a fish sauce which I was wary of, but really tasted quite good.  I really must broaden my horizons when it comes to trying new KT would say, "Sam I Am", which is from Green Eggs and Ham and means "try new things" to her.
JR had the Pho bowl (he pronounces it fa, with a short a sound.)  It looked like a really good soup.
John had chicken and rice, which just seemed like some Chinese dish you might find anywhere.
Ashley had a sandwich, which looked good too! 
In the late afternoon we took the BART system into San Francisco.
First stop was to visit the Embarcadero near the wharf, which is a ferry stop and a collection of some really interesting shops.  

We bought a few interesting things to eat on the way home in the car, some breads and cheeses, and we had a good time just window shopping.
 Shopping at the bakery.
 A view of the bay bridge and the ferries coming and going.
Walking back from the Embarcadero.

Then we walked about 4 blocks to a really fine restaurant for dinner at 6pm at the Town Hall.  Fancy! What a delicious meal we had, from the cocktails to the desserts and coffee. Does it seem like we're always eating? It seems like that to me when we're on vacation. Thanks, JR, this meal was truly memorable!

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