Friday, November 15, 2013

Scenes from our travels home....

We left California on Monday and made it to Salt Lake City, UT, the first night.
 Snow on the ground in California
 We went by Donner's Pass
 The Bonneville Salt Flats

 Close up of the salt.  We passed the Morton Salt Company later that day.
Tuesday's travels took us through to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the night. We spent a few hours in the Arches National Park, but it wasn't nearly enough time.  I'm bound and determined to come back this way some day and spend a week, there's so much to see.  We found a really neat town, Moab, that seemed all set up as a kind of base camp for people to stay in and spend time in the area.  Next time, for sure!

 The start of the monument mountains...
 The plants all look so twisted and have to be tough to live here!
 Layers of sandstone...

 The Monitor and the Merrimac
 The Window

 Ghost Rock
 We found out these green layers are clay
 The Three Gossips
 Balance Rock

Wednesday was a straight trip home, and we arrived around 8:00 pm.  Whew! I love going, but I'm always glad to get home (aren't we all like that?)  I wish more people could get out and see this beautiful country we live miss so much from an airplane window.  So completely gorgeous.
 We had lunch in Van Horn, Texas - this is John Madden's favorite place (Chuy's) when traveling through Texas.  His name is all over the place.  It was good to get some good old Mexican food again!
They make their enchiladas flat, which is kind of different, but still delicious!

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