Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp - Day One - Wild Animals: Antlers & Horns

Today was the first day of Mimi's Summer Day Camp! Of course, Grumpy is going along for the ride this year, which is making it all that much more fun!
Our theme this week is Wild Animals: Antlers & Horns, so we started out with a trip to the Natural Bridge  Wildlife Park near Garden Ridge.  What a wonderful place! They've improved this property so much since the last time we've been there, which was quite a long time ago.
We got a couple of bags of food to feed the animals from our truck.  Notice KT wore her safari shoes for the occasion!
 KT brought her own camera to take some pictures. These animals liked to be fed and didn't mind getting a head scratch!

 KT enjoyed hanging out the window and getting a close up look.  Most of these animals had horns or antlers!

 We had to close the window when we reached the ostriches -- they were a little too close up!
A striped zebra, or as KT used to call them, weezas...
 Emus and llamas...
 and a whole bunch of donkeys...
 We had an excellent lunch at park.....with KT's animals watching our every move!
 then we were off to see the real stars of the place right now, the baby twin giraffes, Wasswa and Nakato!
This is one of the babies behind us in this picture.
After we got home, around 2:00 pm, we created a village for her animals in this activity box that we created for her to use this summer.  KT had a great time making an area for each of her animals to live in!
Shallow box with sides.  I painted it with chalkboard paint.
Several kinds of materials to use: dirt, sand, moss, gravel, etc...
 Some spoons to put it all down with....
 Placing her animals down.
 This was a fun activity!  KT had a lot of fun with it.

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