Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More from the garden!

 Butternut squash...or as Angie Wren calls them, Butt Nutt Squish!
 A baby turbin squash
 One of the Black Dakota popcorn plants finally has an ear on it! Look how that silk is reaching out to catch pollen from the tassels....nature is amazing, isn't it?!
 This is actually a volunteer plant from one of the Russian watermelons we threw out to the deer last year in the field.  We have a couple of these and they are growing like crazy.  That's the thing about these heirloom seeds, they can't be stopped!
 This tromboncino squash is about a foot long now.
 And the Texas Honey June corn is over a foot taller then I am now!  No tassels yet, though.
 These are the flowers on the Mississippi Silver Cow pea plants. They look like little orchids, so pretty....
Tonight we had a salad completely made up from our own garden...lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers.  I threw in a few of the B&B pickles I made the other day, too.  It was fantastic!!!
And remember the other day when I said that I wasn't worried about the chickens in the garden.....well, scratch that...they are hereby banished from the garden.  They wiped out one corner of my new lettuce patch.  Bad clucks -- bad bad clucks!!

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