Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy, busy girl!

We had such fun with KT this weekend - her parent's were off to Austin for a concert, so we got to have a full weekend with her!
 She started by harvesting her first two beans from her garden plot on Friday! These were purple!
 On Saturday morning Mimi and KT went to the local library -- she loves it here and knows were everything is! She's named most of the stuffed animals, too.
 They have a great collection of wooden puzzles that she likes to work on.
 She got a blow-up frog to use in the swimming pool, but we had to wait until the sun came was a bit cool in the morning.
 Then we went home and picked up Grumpy and cousin Adrienne, and were off to LaCabana for lunch!  KT likes those tortillas, she's making a taco-face.  Funny girl!
 Adrienne and KT!
 We mixed up a batch of cupcakes - red velvet!  I turned away for just a minute to find the sprinkles in the cupboard, and turned to find.....
 Two of these hand-prints on the butcher board....whoa!!! Scary!  Good thing that was just red velvet cake batter.
But they sure turned out pretty! KT decorated...
 Then it was time to swim...KT tried on the turtle goggles, but they weren't a big hit.  They came off pretty quick.
 We also made a batch of popsicles from grape Kool-aide and grapes!  Um, um good!
KT loves to play dress up!  One of her favorites is Rapunzel.  
This morning we did a little counting exercise with the tomatoes from the garden....yes, there's five Blush tomatoes!  KT helped put them in rows by type.  Blush, Juliette, Black Cherry and one San Marzano.  Good job, KT!
This morning she ate her whole breakfast...the first time ever for us. She usually picks at it, but not today!
Such a cutie-pie!!

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