Saturday, May 11, 2013


Thursday we went golfing....well, John went golfing.  I went to drive the golf cart and take pictures.  What I wasn't expecting was the rain.  It was a light little mist when we started, and the weather forecast was for clearing weather until evening, so we thought we'd be okay....but, no..... it got quite damp! The light mist turned into heavy mist and light rain.

Did you ever hear that golfers don't stop, even in rain?  They are right.  John just kept right on golfing and I inched a bit closer to the middle of the cart to stay dry.  We had a good time, even with the rain.  I'll never complain about rain again after the past few years of drought.

 Will it make it?
I caught this pic of a spiderweb on the side of the golf cart. Wasn't sure if it would 
show up, but it did!

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