Thursday, April 4, 2013

Movie Review --- G. I. Joe: Retaliation

What a mixed up jumble of comic-bookish characters, bombs going off, insect drones, sword play, swinging around mountain-sides on ropes, tank driving, desert chases, and muscle guys wearing shirts that were two times too tight (well, I didn't really object to that last part.) ha! Oh, and did I mention you get to see London destroyed from space?
Hmmmm.....I really wanted to like this movie, as I liked the first one.  I may have been in the minority about that, though, because from what I read from the critics, they like this one better.
It was okay, but a bit too silly for me.  I give it 2 stars, just out of loyalty to some of my favorite actors, Bruce Willis and the Rock.

Oh, and Cobra gets away at the end....a tease for GI Joe III? Probably not a good idea.

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