Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday in the garden...

Soaking chard seeds
Today we got a second load of composted soil! I'm going to top off the garden beds and John plans to use most of it for the yard.

Meanwhile, I planted Swiss Chard, three types.  This is one vegetable that John and I discovered last year and we really loved.  It's so mild and really delicious, I suggest everyone try it.
I planted:

The rest of the day John and I worked on the Bean Tee-pee, where we are putting our pole beans this year.  He's such a great guy, he cut down all of the cedar posts for me, put them up, and helped me put up the netting for the beans to crawl up.  We found some bird netting for this purpose, but it was HELL to work with! Yikes, I thought John was going to tear his hair was quite funny!  It kept catching on the cedar posts, on every little stem and bark.  But we persevered and it'd done!  Then I planted all of the seeds around the base in two rows:

A better view of the netting, before we stretched it.  It didn't turn out pretty, but it'll be effective, I think.
Struggling with the netting and cussin' up a storm!

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