Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Review --- The Lucky One

As you may have figured out from my past movie reviews, I'm pretty easy to please at the movies.  All I want is a nice story with some good chemistry between the main characters, especially in my chick flicks. This one satisfied my two easy markers, although I think the female actress, Taylor Schilling, seemed a bit older then Zack Efron, who played the lead, Logan Thibault.  I had read a review a few weeks ago that commented that Zack Efron was unable to "smoulder" when it was required in the movie, but I have to say I think he "smouldered" just fine.  He's a cute guy, and he sure has bulked up since I last saw him.  He definitely looked like the ex-Marine that he was playing in the movie.  Blythe Danner did a great job of playing Beth's grandmother, I really like her. She's not afraid to play her age in the movies, which I respect.

A few small criticisms.  The story alluded to Logan's suffering from PTSD from his three tours of duty in Iraq.  That seemed to have disappeared by the time he arrived at Beth's door.  I think the movie would have benefited by seeing how he dealt with PTSD as his life moved along. It doesn't just disappear.
Secondly, the death of Beth's ex-husband at the end just conveniently wraps up all their problems, although I don't think it would have been that easy. The movie just abruptly ends at this point without wrapping up the tension between her ex-in-laws and how their child would have had to deal with his father's death.

With all that said, I enjoyed it! It's an easy way to spend a couple of hot Texas hours inside a cool, dark theater.

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