Monday, May 7, 2012

Bring on the parade!

 Saturday morning we were up and at it early to accompany KT and her mamma to the Helotes Cornyval parade.  KT's school had an entry in the parade, so we had to be sure that KT was there to support them!

 It's a good thing we went as early as we did, because by the time we arrived, you could not drive anywhere near, so we had to park and walk a short way to get a spot.  We lucked on to a nice place near the end of the parade, right by the cement walkway and rock wall, so we had a nice place to set up.  Colleen brought chairs and we had a nice little breakfast as we waited, spending our time "people and dog watching!" There were so many strollers and dogs!

 Thankfully it was a nice, mild morning and we enjoyed the parade.  KT got to see her schools float (they were the Mustard Seed Pirates!) and many more.

There were marching bands, cheerleaders, clowns, tiny cars and big cars, new cars and antique cars, a huge HEB grocery basket, queens and princesses in court wearing fancy dresses, several fire trucks and lots of people running for office. We had a great time!
Thanks for inviting us, KT!

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