Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's SOAP!!!

I'm flabbergasted!
I cannot believe this actually worked.  This morning I opened the box of soap I made yesterday to see if it was hard enough to cut yet, and it was beautiful!  A creamy huge block of lemony smelling and soft pale yellow with small orange flecks, still soft enough to get a knife through.  Gorgeous!!
I unwrapped it and set it on a towel, then cut it into blocks.  I have 24 blocks of varying sizes, plus a small sliver I cut off to "test" it out.
The blocks are now setting up to air dry to the correct hardness.  The blogs I read say about 2 weeks.
I tested the sliver at the sink and it was perfect.  A nice soapiness (and I read that this foaming will increase as the blocks dry harder.) It left my hands feeling squeeky clean and smelling like lemon.  I am calling this a success!  Now I want to try some lavender bars.


  1. 48 ounces Crisco (a 3-pound can)
    21 ounces Olive and Canola oil blend
    18 ounces Coconut Oil
    28 ounces of cold water
    12 ounces lye crystals
    Lemon essential oil
    Grated/dried citrus peel