Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainy and dreary, with a side of Spring!

Limoncello Rose
Woke up to drizzle and dampness and a dreary looking day.  Today was the day I visit Gma, and she wasn't having a very good day again. Hopped in and out of several stores in the drizzle and my hair is flippin' out all over the place...I would have been self-conscience about it, but everyone else was looking the same.  Thank goodness.
But, when I finally drove in at home, the sun peeked out for a bit and I found several things to smile about!
The Limoncello rose bush has bloomed.  Granted, some bug took a few bites out of the bloom, but that just caused it to look a bit curly! AND, it reminded me that it was time to spray the roses.

And Dad's Iris have been looking like they are about to bust out any day now.  I've been checking on them every luck yet.

I checked the spinach that I planted the other day and I have teeny, tiny little Aztec spinach plants breaking the soil!
Tiny Spinach!

And, finally, John made great progress on the chicken house - all sides are up and he bought most of the rest of the supplies we needed for it (no credit to Home Depot...they don't seem to stock their lumber products very well.  He went to two stores looking for what he needed and ended up having to buy it up in Bandera at the local lumber store there.) #Ihaveabeefwithhomedepot!!!

And while I was gone the grape root stock that I had ordered from Burpee arrived via the post office! So tomorrow, if it's not raining, they are going in!


  1. Six grape plants. They are called "Alden" which are table grapes, not used for wine. Hope they take!