Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Productive Day!

First off, I had to get up from my easy chair and get dressed WAY early this morning...by 8:30 a.m. if you can imagine! ha! I know, I know...I'm spoiled.
We had a Vet appointment for Carlie.  She was getting bathed, getting her shots and kennel cough spray, getting her nails trimmed and just all around a true doggie spa treatment! What a lucky dog.  While she was there being pampered, John and I shot over to Boerne to pick up 2x4's for the chicken house frame.
John whipped the frame together in no time because we're not sure what kind of weather we are in for in the next few days.  They are predicting wet and windy, so we may not get to work on this project as much as we'd like.
 Cutting the 2x4's 
 The finished front and back wall
Tomorrow we'll make the two sides, hopefully!

While he was doing that, I made homemade soap!  What!!?  YES...homemade soap.  No, I'm not going all "backwoods" on you, just have always wondered how hard it was and wanting to see if I could do it.  I made Lemon soap, using a recipe I found here, but adding the lemon oil and citrus peel.  Everything seemed to work the way I read it was supposed to, so I'm hoping it will come out okay.  I was a bit apprehensive about working with lye, but it was fine.  Just have to be careful.
 Gathering supplies
 Essential oil and citrus peel
 Mixing the lye, in the sink. It reached almost 200 degrees!
Melting the three oils together.  Then you let is cool to around 100 degrees.
My fancy soap mold! Ha! A box lined with a plastic bag.
Poured in after the soap "traced". It looks pretty with little citrus flakes.
Covered the top with waxed paper, covered the box, then let it set up for 24 to 48 hours before cutting into bars.  I'll let you know how it turns out!
So far, so good.

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