Saturday, March 31, 2012

A good news/bad news kind of day...

You want the good news first?
  • KT was not hurt.
  • I have a brain.  It was viewable on the cat-scan.
  • I didn't break any bones.
  • They didn't have to shave my hair.
  • John was in the house when this happened.
  • I can still speak and write, and I seem to be able to move, albeit slowly.
The bad news?
  • I lost about a quart of blood.  I didn't know I had that much blood in me!
  • I have a sprained wrist.
  • I have a gash on my temple about two inches long that they glued back together with some kind of super glue (that stung like HELL) called dermabond.
  • I have a lump on top of my head the size of Rhode Island.
  • I scared KT.
  • I scared John.
  • I scared myself.
  • Emergency rooms are still as slow as ever.  If you tell them you are allergic to codeine, be sure to check the internet when you get home, because it's very likely that the pain meds they send home with you will contain....wait for it........codeine.  Yes, I have some useless medication that I can't use.  Typical.
Lesson learned?
  • I have a new respect for my stairs after taking the last 6 or 7 of them with my face and left hand.  
  • KT just sat down on that 6th step like she knew just what to do.  She is the smartest two year old that I have ever seen.

I'm fine...just a little bit of recovery time needed. Thank God I don't have any pictures to share.  I was still in my gardening clothes with flip-flops on.  I was so embarrassed!


  1. O-U-C-H!!!!! I'm so sorry you fell down! Now Colleen's not the only victim on the stairs, huh?

    Hope you are moving around okay!!

  2. Glad you are better, Mom. You gave us quite the scare!

    "Mimi, okay? Go see doctor? Get Medicine?" - KTK