Friday, March 30, 2012

My Uncle Alvin

I also ran across this photo of my Uncle Alvin Vahalik.  I confess that I probably only briefly saw him a couple of times in my life.  It seems that they didn't come to Yoakum for holidays as much as the rest of the family did, and it was probably because of his job. I got the impression that he and Mom weren't real close, it may just have been the difference in their ages.  If I have family history right in my mind, he was a motorcycle policeman in Austin, Texas.  I hope that's right.  I tried to "google" him, but only found his name mentioned in Isabel's death notice.  I think he had two children, but again, I don't think we saw them very much, and I was probably too young to remember. Can anyone else add details about Alvin?
Alvin Vahalik

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