Monday, December 12, 2011

Pure luxury!

Thanks to my co-workers at UTSA, when I retired they gave me a very extravagant gift certificate to a spa so that I could pamper myself.  Yikes, I thought, "No, no...not a spa treatment." Doesn't everyone knows that I don't like massages or anyone touching me?! You know I'm German...we're not into spa treatments.
Of course, I said that to myself and graciously accepted the certificate and thanked everyone for it, then I threw it in a drawer and tried to forget it. Isn't that just like psychologists to give you a gift that would make you stretch the limits of your comfort zone! Arghhh!

After we got home from our several trips, I ran into that certificate again and after much tough talk to myself, decided I'd better use it (or lose it). Sigh....

So I called to see what kind of services they offered.  I decided on a gel manicure and a pedicure, and upgraded to the special additional hot towel and hot paraffin treatment since I had so much to spend. Then I just had to wait until the day of the appointments.  And I worried and worried, and thought about cancelling several times, but on the day I decided to just go ahead and GET IT OVER WITH.
What a goose I am...really.  I had the BEST TIME!! It was a small place, very nice people and I felt totally pampered. The paraffin treatment was so great - I highly suggest it. The massage chairs and the hot towels, pure luxury!  Sigh...
I can't wait to do it again.
So, I guess it's good to occasionally stretch our horizons.
Trust a psychologist to know that.
Thanks gang!! I miss you all and really enjoyed the gift!

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