Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspecting Carol!

This weekend we took our usual December trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, one of my favorite places in the world.  I love Fredericksburg at Christmas time.  And the weather was so Christmasy - cold, damp, the kind where you love jumping from one shop to the other.  And the shops and stores all smell so great there.
The Hoyt's joined us for some fun browsing - the cowboy store we always go to, the Christmas store that's open all year round, the bookstore, and several others along the strip.  I spent $3.00 on two little pieces of fabric that I know I can find some cute project for!
The two John's hot footed it for the bakery - John brought home enough pastries for his breakfasts all week!

Then we made our way to Friedhelm's, the German restaurant at the end of town.  This is one of my John's favorite places to eat there, very authentic German food.
After lunch we made our way to the Fredericksburg Theater Company's production of "Inspecting Carol", a comedy put on by this local company.  They have a wonderful building, the Steve W. Shepherd Theater right south of town - the seats were so comfortable!

The play was very cute and funny, and the cast was very enthusiastic! From their website:

It’s Christmas time and a small theater is preparing to bring “A Christmas Carol” to its holiday stage.At auditions, in walks an unknown actor who is mistaken for an informer for the National Endowment of the Arts.  The troupe is put into high, farcical gear as they bend over backwards to accommodate the bewildered wannabe actor who is given a role in the holiday production. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong, hilarity is piled upon hilarity, and the Christmas holiday will never be seen the same way again by this struggling troupe – nor by our audience!  Perfect anytime, this is a special family treat at Christmas.
We had a great time!  I recommend it - they are putting on Godspell in February and The Foreigner in April!

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