Monday, December 12, 2011

And now, back to present time!

Whew...took me a while to catch up with the Thanksgiving holiday trip, but I wanted to get it all done before posting anything else.  I can't believe how fast the Christmas holiday is steaming toward us....two weeks away.  Amazing!
We have our tree up, having taken our usual trip to the Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm.  This has been our tradition for as many years as I can remember, probably since they opened to the public.  Their website says 1994, and I can believe we've been getting our tree there since then.
 My handsome man!
 KT trudges thru the mud!
("Mimi, are you sure it's okay for me to get muddy?")
Many fun trips with the family.  It was raining this time -- rainy and cold! But, we're hardy stock, and we braved the mud.  KT got to experience muddy shoes - she seemed shocked that her parents let her get so muddy! Ha! She's so much fun.
It took us a few days after that trip to put the tree up, but it's beautiful! Now I just need to finish decorating the rest of the house.

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