Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday was the third anniversary of my brother's death.  I thought about him all day, not that I don't think of him often.  He'd be so proud of how his kids are doing if he were here.  I think of him when I see our cat, Mouse.  Dan was remodeling our home when I brought Mouse home as a small kitten - one of the many strays that are often found on UTSA campus where I worked at the time.  That kitten followed Danny around the house as he worked - climbing up on him as he layed tile or flooring.  Such a cute contrast, Danny and that little kitten. 
I miss his jokes, his emails, his stopping in whenever he was up here in our area for a cup of coffee.  Wish he would drive up now, I'd put the pot on.....
He and Dad are building something right now, I'm sure of it.
Here's another little picture I've recently found.  Standing in front of our church.  Must have been his baptism day?  Don't be fooled by that angelic smile.... I'm sure Mom and Dad had to wrestle him into that outfit.

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