Friday, July 8, 2011

Babysitting Story -- KT touches my heart...

This is why I want to be off and able to keep KT anytime she needs me.  KT is in love with her momma.

Thursday evening I found myself keeping KT since poor Colleen had to work (very late) on a project at work, and Jeff and John had a softball game.  

KT and I had a fine old time - swimming in her little whale pool, making art on the concrete with chalk that her NeNe (Jeff's mom)  brought her from Houston last time she was here, watering plants, and just having a great time outside.  Then we went in for supper, had a bath, and were reading books on the floor in the living room.

At one of the houses nearby in the neighborhood a garage door opened.  KT heard the noise, looked up straight at me and said "momma?"  I said, "no, KT, that's not momma yet.  That's another house."

She stood up, looked at me again, pointed to the garage entrance door, and said "momma?"
I stood up and said, "no, KT, that's not momma, but lets go look so you will know for sure."  She streaked over to that door and I followed behind, turned on the light and opened the door.  The light was on in the garage and there was no car there.  I said, "See, KT, momma is not here yet."
She backed up and I closed the door.  I started back to the living room, and turned around to see KT down on the floor, pushing on the cat door to see in the garage, and she said, "momma?"

My heart just swelled.  What a darling little girl!  She is the smartest little thing.  I had to distract her with something or other and before you know it, Jeff and John came home.  She was just as excited to see her daddy, I can tell you.

KT loves her momma.  Great job, Jeff and Colleen.

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  1. thank you, Mom. I love this picture. and of course this post. :)