Friday, November 5, 2010

My last day of age 59....

I guess I haven't been as appreciative of being only 59 as I should have been this year.  It wasn't until I saw 60 creeping up on me that I realized the I would soon be 60 years old..... 60!!  How did this happen?  I don't feel 60.  60 is for old people.   60 is more than a half century.. 60 is creeping up on a full century.   
I can't be 60.... I don't feel 60. (well, maybe I do, sometimes....)
I think because I've had such a fantastic year this past year, I was lulled into a false sense of security... Jeff and Colleen gave us our first grandbaby, KT, this year.  JR married Ashley this year.  We took a great road trip this year and saw some of the states northwest and got to visit with great friends in their "vacation home".  I get to babysit as often as I want.  John had another surgery and he recovered so quickly. I have had a fantastic year.  
Well, I guess its inevitable  I can't stop time.  So, instead, I'm going out to celebrate tonight and enjoy being only 59.  It's my last chance.  See you tomorrow on the other side.

I'll tell you where I am tomorrow, too.
It was a big surprise!  
(PS: I can't believe my family kept this from me... I never could find out what they had's not like me not to be able to sneak around and figure it out. I guess I am getting old.)

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