Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonderful Birthday!

Okay, so, I'm over the hump.  Thanks to my wonderful family and friends, I've decided to enjoy being 60 and just go with it.

I just came back from a beautiful three-day weekend where Colleen, Jeff  and KT drove with us out to Marfa, Texas (the undisclosed location for Operation Mom's 60th Birthday).  Location - The Thunderbird hotel.  This was the coolest place ever - a re-invented 50's style motel done up in a Southwest Scandinavian minimalist style, complete with records and record players that you could rent from the office!  Very interesting.

So, I thought, this is going to be fun. Next thing I knew, Jeff, Colleen and KT come over to "see our room." As we were all commenting on how neat they were, comes a knock on the door. A deep voice - "room-service!"  Oh, good grief, I thought, they already ordered me coffee.  I'm really getting spoiled.
Oh no -- not coffee.  It was JR and Ashley!!  They had flown in and were already here - in the next room over.  The made the entire weekend just that much more wonderful!

We explored the city, ate some completely sinful Italian food a Maiya's, explored the Piasano Hotel in downtown Marfa, drove out to see the mysterious lights, and on Saturday we took a day trip out to Fort Davis, drove thru a truly spooky little town of Valentine, Texas (a so called ghost town, but in fact just plain scarey!) ate BBQ, explored downtown Fort Davis, and went back up to the Observatory for the Star-Party (it was cold!)

Colleen had brought a cake all the way from San Antonio for me and we celebrated on Saturday with 60 candles (very nearly setting off the room smoke alarm!) Oh -- and I got a nifty new lens for the camera, 50 mm.  

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast (not easy to find in Marfa, Texas) but we found a really fine place called Cochineal, thanks to the determination of JR and Ashley. We had tried two places, one closed down and the other only takes cash!!  I mean, who travels with cash?? 

After that, we were all on our way back to real life.  Pics for the entire trip are in the usual place!  I expect that my photos will better after I get a chance to practice with my new lens!  I also have another trip planned by all, so more about that later!! 

I have to tell you, KT was a complete angel during the entire trip.  I can't believe how well she travels - she was just a doll.  I love, love, love my family!!

Taken with the new lens!  Focus in front/fade to back...very cool!!

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