Sunday, October 31, 2010

Key Lime Pie...

As you may know, with me it's "pie, oh pie, oh my!"  Love a good pie.  Well, last night we had a few friends over for a little dinner party, and one of our guests brought a HOME MADE (as in home-squeezed key limes -- if you know how small those are, you know that's a real trick) key lime pie.  My husband's favorite pie of all time.

When John and I first met, we got to know each other the typical way people do...what's your favorite color? what's you favorite pet?  what's your favorite pie?  Well, for him it was his mother's key lime pie. (in case you're wondering, mine was cherry, and remains cherry to this day.) Well, key lime pie is tart.  Let me repeat... key lime pie is TART.  As a 19 year old raised in San Antonio, Texas, dessert was supposed to be sweet.. SWEET. So I thought he was kind-of crazy at the time (but I married him anyway.)  

I've learned to appreciate a good key lime pie over the years because John tries it every where he can find it.  If it's on their menu, John will order it. Needless to say, key lime pie varies according to where you find it.  Some are sticky sweet, some are airy, whipped concoctions, some are dense and thick, more like cheese cake.  None really have come up to the standards of his mother's. 

But the key lime pie we had last night was there!  I think the key is real key limes, home-made and squeezed, not from a bottle.  Delicious!  Thank you, Kathy L.!  You made his day. (Oh, and don't think I didn't notice that the L's and the H's traded assignments -- I did! But it worked out fantastically!)

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