Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Garden Log --- March 21, 2018

Very slow start to Bed #C1. I got the tomatoes in and two Jalapeno Pepper plants, but that's about all I got done on that side of the garden yesterday.

Bed #C1:
Flathead Monster Orange Tomatoes (2) - FB Garden Group
Jalapeno LaBomba (2) - purchased plants

Then I planted some pole (dry) beans on the Squash House (all of these seeds came from my FB Garden Group):
Side 1:
Good Mother Stallard Beans (34 seeds)
Black Valentine Beans (8 seeds)
Side 2:
Alabama Black Butter Beans (7 seeds)
True Red Cranberry Beans (4 seeds)
Monachelle di Trivio Beans (6 seeds)
Missouri Wonder Beans (6 seeds)

 Some of these bean seeds are just beautiful!

I planted the Thunbergia (mixed colors) plants and some gourds (Swan, Birdhouse, Crown of Thorns, Bule, Dinosaur and some mixed small gourds) and that I started in the greenhouse along the potted garden fence - hopefully they'll all live and cover that fence with greenery! I've had mixed results with gourds, I think there are just some years that are better then others and we humans really have no control of it.) ha!
 The Tangerine Cross Vine is starting to pop!

Taking some of the big plants out of the greenhouse now - the avocado tree really took off during the winter - it's branching out now.  I gave it a good spraying, fertilizer and some new soil and put it back in it's summer spot. It looks happy!

I'll be working on the banana trees this week.  They all seemed to have survived!

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