Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- February 4, 2017

Well, the only garden news is what's going on in the greenhouse.  I've had terrible germination problems with the tomato seeds, and I'm beginning to think its the little grow pods I purchased. Not a one of the seeds in those pods has germinated, and they've had plenty of time.  Almost total germination in the new pods I got from Amazon. So, I think I have my culprit.  Good thing there's plenty of time to start over.

I've started some broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower seeds, too.  They've all started to emerge.
 A few of the tomatoes I started in the new pods have started to emerge.

I've planted some herbs, too.  A few of them are starting to germinate.

 This year I'm trying the cow pots when I pot up some of the seedlings, made with cow manure! That has to be good, right?! We'll see how they do.
Some of the seedlings are getting their second set of leaves now. 

 One of our plum trees (Gulf Coast? or Gulf Beauty?) has lost its mind and started to bloom. Yikes, I don't think we're safe from frosts yet, so this is not a good sign. I hope the rest of them don't follow suit.
John has decided to build me a permanent squash/bean house, and has made a good start on it today! This will be covered with the hog wire panels.  Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. 
Have I shown you how I'm organizing my seed stash now-a-days?  I bought this great photo storage box. It's working great, except for all those beans I won...I have to keep them in a baggie. 

That's about all for now.  The weather is starting to warm up, so hopefully more garden news soon!

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