Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- January 29, 2017

Beans, beans and more beans.... goodness! I won a little contest recently on one of my Facebook garden groups - The Serious Seed Traders. This was a big package of all kinds of beans.  I have bush beans, snap beans, pole beans, semi-pole beans and even more beans. And did I mention peas - yes, several different kinds of peas.

And black-eyed peas, and lima beans, and on and on and on!
There were lot of interesting ones, and even some that I had a hard time identifying (yes, Google let me down!)

This is called a European Soldier Bean.  Can you see the little soldier there with his tall feathered cap?
 I know its a bush bean, but not much else about it.
 This turned out to be a Flora de Mayo bean. It took some bean experts online to help me with this one.
 Huh? Okay, but are you a bush bean or a pole bean?
 I can't find Grandma Nellie anywhere.
 No idea.
And another - oh well, I think I'll just grow them eventually and then I'll find out what kind they are.  I can't possibly plant all of these, so it will take some time.  

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