Saturday, January 6, 2018

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- January 6, 2017

Not much going on in the big garden right now, with sage and oregano the only two things still out there.  Both will overwinter just fine.

The greenhouse is where it's at right now.  There's a pot of lettuce that I'm cutting as I need it. I've forgotten which variety this is, but it's tasty!
 The four loquat trees have been planted in small pots for the winter and they look to be thriving. I'm looking forward to seeing how this tree will do in our orchard.  They'll most likely stay in pots for a year of more, depending on how fast they grow.
 Two of my aloe plants have bloomed.  They have a gorgeous peach colored bloom!

The Brown Turkey fig tree has lost it's leaves, and is starting to show some new growth along the main stem.  This is the first winter for this tree, so not quite sure what to expect.   
I'm trying to keep a tray of micro-greens going. This is the new one, and I'll start another this coming week.  Still loving these fresh, crunchy greens during this unusually cold winter we're having. 
Things are about to start picking up soon in the greenhouse, as I'm going to start the onions and some of the tomatoes and peppers for our 2018 garden!

I've been spending time making my seed mats while its been so cold outside.  So far I've made my carrot and kale mats.  

Looking forward to start getting our hands in the dirt soon!

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