Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- January 14, 2017

And so it starts! Today I started my pepper seeds for the Spring 2018 garden. So excited to finally get some things going.  

Our last frost date is somewhere mid-March, although last year we were blessed with a very mild winter. I think I was planting out there in the big garden by March 1st last year.  We're having a lot colder winter so far this year, but it won't hurt to keep these little plants going in the greenhouse should the weather not cooperate.

To start with, the sweet peppers:
1. Topepo Giallo - purchased seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. 

2. Stocky Golden Rooster - seeds I received from one of my Facebook garden groups.  *love*love*love* the Heirloom Tomatoes and Vegetable Lovers FB group!

3. Marconi Red - more from the FB group

4. Jimmy Nardello - I've been wanting to try this one for years and got these seeds from the FB group

5. Gypsy Hybrid - the last of my seeds from Totally Tomatoes. I have saved seeds but since these are a hybrid, no telling what I'd get.  I may try some of those, though, just for fun.

6. Violet Sparkle - Baker Creek seeds from last year's purchases.

7. Chocolate Mini Bell - a seed trade with a FB member from Rancho Cordova, California. He sent these as a little something "extra" with some green cotton seeds. Another reason to love fellow gardeners.

Then a few hot peppers:

1. Sugar Rush Peach - provided by a fellow gardener here in Texas I found through the FB Hot Pepper Club group. Most of the pepper people on this group are WAY into hot hot hot, but I think this one will be a mild heat. 

2. White Fantasy - seeds from the Heirloom Tomatoes and Vegetable Lovers FB group. A mild aji type pepper.

3. Hatch - seeds I saved from a pepper purchased at HEB last year. These are fairly mild, less heat than a jalapeno.
More planting tomorrow!

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