Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- January 16, 2017

Today I started some of the tomatoes for the greenhouse, but ran out of little starter pods.  I have more coming, so I'll finish up when they arrive.

Today's starts are:

Banana Legs - a yellow paste type tomato. Got these seeds from the Heirloom Tomato and Vegetable (HT&V) FB group. This is the only determinate tomato I'm growing this year.

Zluta Kytice - a small yellow cherry tomato - multifloral. This one came from a fellow gardener, a member of the Serious Seed Trader (TSST) FB group.

Voyage Reisetomate - an explosion of a tomato that I'm so excited to try. The seeds came from the HT&V FB group.

Brad's Atomic Grape - another one I'm excited about.  If you've seen the cover of Baker Creek's catalog this year - that's the one. I received these from another member of the TSST FB group. A cherry grape tomato.

Flathead Monster Orange - large orange tomato, the seeds came from the HT&V FB group.

Hog Heart - a paste tomato, seeds from the HT&V FB group.

Large Barred Boar - these came from a fellow gardener in TSST group. Kind of excited to try this seed developed by the Wild Boar Farms - a red with green stripes.

Wisconsin 55 Gold - sent as an extra from the same sweet man, Martin, who sent me the Zluta Kytice seeds, a member of TSST FB group. 

There are a few more that I'm planning for this year, and I'll post about them when I get them in the greenhouse.  

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