Thursday, December 28, 2017

Schwencke Family Christmas Party 2017

On Saturday evening we had our annual Schwencke family Christmas party down in Southtown, hosted by JR and Ashley.  

Their home there is located right in the middle of where all the action is in San Antonio now days. You can walk a block one way or the other and find all kinds of places to eat, swanky bars and the riverwalk. Such a smart investment they made buying that property.

 Here's Becca, ready to part-tay!!!

 Beautiful Ashley
 Sue and Jimmy
 This was Becca's first Christmas! Here she is with her Grandma!
 Jeff (with shark fin hat - don't ask! ha!) and Uncle Mike
 Emily, KT and Colleen (with more shark fins!)
 The view from their back yard. You just can't beat this!
 Joss watching the Schwencke boys play video games
 Andi brought the evening's entertainment - we had a gingerbread house contest. It was lots of fun!
I missed taking pictures of lots of people again. I get too busy talking, I think.  The guys spent a lot of time out back around the chimenea, so I didn't get pictures of all of them. Oh well, I'll do better next year!

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