Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

It started our cold on Christmas day, and pretty much stayed that way.  We had gone to mass on Sunday afternoon, and on Christmas morning we went to Colleen and Jeff's for breakfast with the girls (and to see what all Santa brought them!) 
Then home in time to get ready for Christmas lunch.  Once everyone arrived, the crazy tearing into presents began!  
 KT going through her stocking loot!
 I think she was happy with the Hatchimal Twins!
 Max wasn't sure what to make of all of this. He helped open a few things, then said, enough!!
Later in the day, Joss offered to help him open the rest of his gifts (cause she's 
helpful like that...hahah!)

 Joss can read the names of the name tags this year. She's growing up.

 Max got a really nice bed pillow with his name on it!

 Mighty Max!
 All the kids got some cool camping sets - a tent, sleeping bag set - they 
set up one of them to "test it out."
 Joss was studying the nativity set.
 Cousins in the tent.
 My gorgeous grandkids with Grumpy and me!
 KT tries to hold Max - but he's a wiggle worm!

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