Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fall/Winter Garden Log -- December 5, 2017

Goodness its been a long time since I've garden blogged. It's been growing and we've been harvesting all along, but not too much new to report on.  Yesterday we decided to shut the outdoor garden down since we're expecting some cold weather.  Not sure how cold we'll get, but we'll have to protect the water lines down there and shut them down, so it was a good time to call a halt.
I'm giving a big recommendation to the Dragon carrots. Those things were prolific and I had a great crop due to great germination.  The others were less so, but still pretty good. Also, the Dragon
 is just a pretty carrot that looks so nice in a salad.  
Purple outside, bright orange inside. Just beautiful and tasty.

Yesterday I dug all the carrots up (Yes, by myself!! Amazing!) (well, not so amazing, I'm a bundle of hurt today because of it, but it felt good to work myself some.) I also picked the rest of the broccoli, the lettuce, all of the very small cabbages, and the remaining spinach.  It was quite a bit, so I'll probably have to freeze some of it this week.
 Spinach (Matador, Red Kitten, and America)
 Lettuce (Green Ice, Salad Bowl Red and Yugoslavian Red Butterhead)
 So many carrots! (Dragon, Amarillo, St. Valery, and Sugar Snack)
 Red cabbages
Savoy cabbages

Today I'm picking the rest of the kale and chard.  That'll put the end to the outside garden.  I'm still raising a few things in the greenhouse, which is fun.  I need to start a new tray of microgreens since I let them go while we were on our trip.
 I'm leaving the Purple Plume celery in the garden and will water by hand if it survives
 Peppers in the greenhouse
 The birds all got a carrot top treat!

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