Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Tree Farm

Sunday we took our annual trip to the Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm to get our tree and take photos of the grands.  It was a bit sad this year - the farm has suffered from too much success.  They will most likely be without trees big enough to use next year.  It was busy, but the trees were mostly small and picked over.  Next year we'll have to make a new plan, I'm afraid.
 Joss and KT are ornaments!
 And we're off! Max took this as an invitation to take off into the trees!  He can NOT be stopped!
Now Joss is off!

The two littlest ones stuck together, but KT went off with her dad and mom to try to find a tree. I had a hard time getting them to stand still long enough to get a good picture!

 Ashley tried to keep up with him - he took her on a merry chase!
 My man! Tiger stripes and an elf hat.  I'm in love!!! 
 The most darling little Santa helper!
Joss took over Max's stroller. I thought he would go ballistic, but he couldn't have cared less.

 KT was helping her dad. She's getting so big (sigh....) almost 8 now. How has that happened?
 We tried and tried to get the three of them together for an annual Christmas pic, but Max is Mr. Go Go Go right now, and will not be tied down. Wonder where he get's that stubborn streak???
 They've added a sand pit for the kids since last year - they all had some fun there for a while.
 Mmmm! That candy cane is so good!
Boys. They like to stack things. And then fill them with sand.

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