Thursday, May 25, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- May 25, 2017

Whew! Where to's been a while since I've posted. It's been so busy and it's all I can do to keep up with the garden.  Growing it is one thing, but processing it to save and use it is a whole 'nuther job!

The Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries have started to ripen.  This plant is very interesting - they are very sweet with a hint of pineapple. I'm trying to save enough to make something with them, but they are awfully tempting to just eat in the garden.  

When they are ripe, the plant sheds them and drops them to the ground! So that's when they are ready - pretty handy, right?

 I've been bringing in some squash already - this one is a new one for me called Zepher.  I've also brought in some patti-pan squash called Benning's Green.

 Oh my, the beans! Every day...beans! I've frozen some and given some away...just to keep up with them. These are Red Swan bush beans....
 and these are Jade bush beans.  These Jade plants are so prolific!
And boy, do they add up fast!

Destined for the freezer

The pumpkin and winter squash bed is should be since it's been planted on an old compost pile!  
This is one of the pumpkin plants called Fortna Pumpkin.  There are several already showing up. The vines are crawling everywhere, up and over the back and sides!

I've already picked a lot of these Garden Huckleberries.  I made wine with them last year, so I think these will be used in something else. I already have 2-1/2 pounds of these in the fridge. 

 Those blueberries tomatoes are starting to ripen. They are a blue/purple on the shoulders and one side, and they do ripen red on the other.
 The cucumbers are ripening, too.  We're eating these as they come in - no pickles this year. 

These Mikhalych Tomatoes are monsters...this one was over one pound...huge!  I pick my tomatoes as soon as they start to ripen on the vine because if I leave them out there, the birds will beat me to them.  They ripen well in the house.

 The Green Goliath broccoli has started to head up, and I've already brought one in.  There's five more plants out there that are just starting to show.
There are a few of my tomato plants has blossom end rot.  I've had to throw away about 8 beautiful tomatoes with black bottoms.  I bought some lime to add to the soil and hope that will take care of the problem.  We'll see.  It's only this one plant.
And of course, the usual problems I have with squash bugs.  Arghhhh!!!!
This year I have lots and lots of kale.  I'm trying to find other recipes to use it in other then salads all the time.  This kale & potato soup was fantastic, even John praised it.  
We also tried these kale cups made with ricotta cheese.  Very tasty! John liked them too, and even ate some the next day with lunch.  I call that a win!

The banana trees have all grown like crazy! They are three times bigger then they were when I first planted them.  I'll probably have to plant them up this summer if they keep it up.
The Mississippi Brown cotton plants are starting to bloom.  They do have a beautiful flower.
 We're picking plums finally.  If I get enough, I'm planning wine with these!
 I found such a great deal on these two pomegranate trees - the HEB in San Antonio that I stopped at the other day had these right out front for $5.95 each! Can you believe that? One is a "Wonderful" and the other is "Angel Red". I went ahead and bought two different varieties since I didn't know if they needed a pollinator, but have since found they are self-fertile.

 We finally netted the blackberry bush to keep the birds off of them. 
And finally, I've gotten to use my outdoor sink! Cleaning up these beets before taking them in the house.  I love it!!

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