Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Garden Log -- March 18, 2017

It was tomato day in the garden! Today we planted out the heirloom tomatoes that were started in the greenhouse.
In the main garden we put 8 plants in Bed #1F at the very end. John had welded a hog panel, adding a few extra feet to bring it up to about 6 foot so that I can use it to trellis the tomato vines when they get started. I like to keep them completely off the ground if possible.  This method has worked well for us in the past. 
First he put in the t-posts and then wired the panel on. Then I planted the tomatoes on both sides, using a part of a bucket as a collar around each plant.  This makes it easy to keep the drip irrigation in place and also to fertilize them throughout the summer. All of these are indeterminate type tomatoes except for the white tomato.
 There are two Dagma's Perfection, a medium orange tomato
 One Darby's Red & Yellow - a medium red/yellow striped tomato
 There's two of the Japanese Black Trifele - a medium pear shaped burgandy tomato
 and one Mikhalych - a large red tomato
 One Carbon - a large black tomato
And finally one Blanch Du Soleil - a creamy white beefsteak tomato - semi-determinate

Then I potted up the left over tomato starts that I had into big buckets in the potted garden. 
First, the Blueberries - black cherry tomatoes
Then another Dagma's Perfection
And finally a Speckled Roman - a red and yellow striped paste tomato

I still have two more little starts that need a home, I just have to find pots for them.
Praying for a good tomato year! Should be plenty for salsa, freezing, canning and eating fresh, if all goes well!

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