Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We had so much fun with KT and Joss for their Spring Break this year -- we got KT for three days, and Joss for two!

Of course, we made homemade play-doh. KT loves to mix things.

On Tuesday, we took both girls fishing at Medina Lake.  I haven't been over there in so many years, it was all new to me, too!  But we had the best time -- the girls both brought their own fishing poles and you could tell they've both fished before. Even Joss knew some of the lingo!

On Wednesday we had visitors -- the Wren girls came to play! All four girls had a blast - they ran all over the Fire Ant Ranch, petted and played with all of the chickens and turkeys, ran with Sydney, climbed on the new jungle gym, painted faces, all four girls got bunnies from the "mailman" and tortured them good, created and painted with chalk paint, and they drove KT's pink car all over the place! I'm sure all four of them slept good that night!

Whew! Mimi and Grumpy were exhausted at the end of the day too!

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