Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Chicks Are Here!

Our local feed store got in baby chicks this weekend, so we went over Saturday morning to get a few to add to our flock.  We currently only have 3 hens and our rooster, Romeo, so it was time to add some new chicks.
I had promised KT that she could come along when it was time to get new chicks, so John and I drove in and picked up the girls first, then drove straight to the feed store.
We wanted Buff Orpingtons, since those are John's favorite, so we picked out 4 of those pullets first. 
KT with one of the Buffs

Then KT and Joss both got to help pick out two each.  Joss chose Barred Rocks (she said she wanted "spotted" chickens - and those have a yellow spot on their heads!)
Joss is touching one of the Barred Rocks. She didn't want to pick them up, she was afraid of their feet!

 KT chose two Production Reds. So, we ended up with 8 new chicks.
KT with one of the Production Reds

The new babies are all nice and warm in their box, 
with feed and water. They all have names, but I can't remember them all.  The reds are "Red" and "Strawberry." The Barred Rocks are "Spotted Chicken" and "Midnight." And some of the Buffs are "Fuzzy" and "HeyHey."  There are two other names, but I'll have to ask KT what they were!

I couldn't help myself -- I had to include these two pictures of the last time we had baby chicks here. The girls were so much smaller then. How time flies.

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