Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More trees for the orchard....

John added four more trees to his orchard yesterday, two more peach and two plum.
The peach trees are Texstar.  This variety of peach was developed at Texas A&M, and only requires 400 hours of chill per year - which is good for here.  

The plum trees are Gulf Beauty. These are supposedly early ripening plums that were developed in Florida for southern gardens.  It only requires 250 hours of chill per year. He's going to add two more of a different variety for pollination.
After we planted the trees, we planted out the berry starts that I rooted this winter in the greenhouse.  
Out of the 8 cuttings that I rooted of the Apache blackberries, we got 6 that rooted! I was really pleased with that. These are another thorn-less type like the Chester blackberries that we already have.
Next we planted the Black Raspberry cuttings that rooted.  These didn't do as well, there were only three out of 12 that survived. These do have thorns - ouch!
And finally I planted three Brown Turkey fig cuttings in a big pot.  I won't be putting these in the ground since I've had absolutely no success in getting fig to survive a winter here. I just don't think I have a good place that shelters them enough, so I'll just be keeping this potted. I had 5 cuttings, so was pleased that 3 took off.

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