Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More seedlings for the greenhouse....

Some more vegetables that I've started this past week.  First, the cabbages:
  1. Brunswick - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (I got these free with my order this year.)
  2. Michihili -
  3. Drumhead -
  4. Cabbage Mix - Pinetree Seeds (from the catalog: You’ll get early ones, late ones, (and all maturities in between), red ones, green ones, little ones, big ones, domed ones and flat ones, smooth ones and savoyed ones.) Doesn't that sound like fun!?

I planted a few broccoli, probably about 8 or 10 of each type - these seeds are getting older so I'm not sure what I'll get - anything will be okay. I was checking these this morning and it looks like some of them are starting to germinate:

  1. Romanesco Broccoli -
  2. Green Goliath Broccoli - Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

I put in a whole tray of kale plants - one of my favorite veggies now. I've grown most of these, but the Siber Frill is a new one for me:
  1. Nero Di Toscana - Territorial Seeds 
  2. Tronchuda - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Blue Curled Scotch -
  4. Vates -
  5. Lacinato -
  6. Siber Frill - Pinetree Seeds

And finally, I started a tray of flowers - some of my own saved seeds and other's that I'm trying new this year:

  1. Datura, White - saved seeds from my own plant
  2. Datura, Ballerina Mix - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  3. Mammoth Sunflower - Ferry Morse Seeds - I didn't grow any sunflowers last year and missed them!
  4. Thunbergia, Black Eyed Susan - Pinetree Seeds
  5. Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott's - Pinetree Seeds - purple!

That's it for now! 

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