Friday, February 3, 2017

Final Seedlings Planted!

I've finished making all of the seed mats now -- finally made the final carrot mats:

  1. Dragon - Seed Saver's Exchange
  2. St. Valery - Pinetree Seeds
  3. Sugar Snax - Pinetree Seeds
  4. Tendersweet -

I've made mats for some celery and spinach to put here and there in the garden as I have room. I wasn't going to even try spinach this year, since I've never had great success with it, but these seeds need to be used since they are not new. We'll just see how they do.

  1. Celery, Utah Tall -
  2. Spinach, Regiment - Territorial Seeds
  3. Spinach, Red Kitten - Johnny's Seeds

...and I've planted the final small flat of cauliflower and some amaranth seeds that I've had a while.

  1. Cauliflower, Igloo -
  2. Amaranth, Red Garnet -

Now I'm into the "potting up" stage in the greenhouse - this week I've potted some of the seedling tomatoes, a few peppers, the purple tomatillos, cotton, and the morning glories. 

And as I have time, I'm cleaning up my garden stakes and repainting them for this year.  Most of these will now be used for the third year, so I'm happy with how well they've held up. I've only lost a few of them, and they were pretty cheap to begin with! 

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  1. You made your own seed mats? Wow, that's a great idea. Sounds like a really nice variety of veggies.