Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spending a day with the girls....

We got to spend a rainy Saturday with KT and Joss last weekend, and we had lots of fun! Here's a few photos from our day!
 We went to the library and spent some time in the children's area.....
 and then took advantage of the First Saturday book sale to buy a few used books to add to the library at our house.  They were having a bake sale, too, so the girls picked out a few cookies and brownies to eat after lunch.

Next we went to the local Thrift Store and picked ups some real gems! The girls picked out two things each, and then they both decided on something for Max.  We bought him a real cute little dark gray puppy dog with blue eyes for him.
 When we got home it was time for lunch, then we disinfected and washed everything that we bought at the thrift store so the girls could play with them.
 Next they took turns riding on top of Grumpy, who kept dumping them on to the carpet. I think they liked that the best, and he got a real work out!
 Then Joss fell asleep...
 and KT painted a couple of pine cones for me. She loves art and painting anything.
We had a fabulous day!

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