Saturday, August 13, 2016

Movie Review --- Suicide Squad

I had never even heard of the Suicide Squad, but I guess they are part of the DC comic super hero universe, along with Superman and Batman. They are also known as Task Force X.  A collection of meta-humans that are the worst of the worst, put together by the government to go after other bad guys. Of course, they've been injected by an explosive capsule to insure they don't stray from the mission. (I'm talking to you, Slipknot!)

I really liked this movie -- I've had read some not very good reviews before we went, but they had it wrong, at least for me as a fan. Very, very entertaining movie. 

 They spent quite a while at the beginning introducing each of the characters, which was good since I really had no idea. 
Will Smith did a great job of playing Deadshot.  He needed a hit movie, since he's not been doing a great job of picking audience favorites lately. I've been wondering what happened to him -- he used to make the best movies. Glad he's finally back.

The star of the movie was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She was the Joker's psychologist in the insane asylum that he was put in, and fell in love with him. He in turn made her as insane as he is.  She MADE this movie -- what a great acting job.  Really really good!

I'll just say, ignore the critics and go see this movie if you're a fan of super hero movies.  I hope they make another film about this group -- I'll be there!


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