Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bad week in the coop....

We've lost two hens this past week - one morning John went out to let them out to run in the vineyard and found one of the big red hens had died inside the chicken house during the night.  No trauma or noticeable problem, so it was just her time, I guess.
Then later in the week we went out in the morning and found another of the big red hens had apparently not gotten in the house before the automatic door shut, and she had been killed during the night.  Darn!  John spent some time making sure the auto-door was working properly, and it was, so she must have just waited too long to go in.

We're down to 7 hens and Romeo now, which is fine.  We usually have way too many eggs anyway, but we'll miss our big red girls.  Only one red hen left.

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