Thursday, June 23, 2016

A few more pictures of Max....

We visited with Max for about an hour on Wednesday morning, and what a little cutie he is! He was hungry, so we sat out in the suite sitting room for a bit while Ashley fed him.  I got to hold him several times, and he was a perfect little guy! He loves to be held.

 Grumpy held him, too.  This is about the time he figured out that he was hungry.

 JR and Ashley are doing fine, although she's been fighting some effects from the anesthesia, but hopefully that will wear off soon.  It gave her a terrible migrane headache, for one thing, which is horrible.  I asked if I could bring them anything, and all JR wanted was some "real" coffee! ha! Hopefully they will get to go home on Friday.
 Max was having his hearing test when we got there --- all was fine!  
This picture is diaper change time!

 I'm in love already, and the luckiest Mimi in the world - three beautiful grandchildren.  I'm in heaven, truly.
Ashley holding her son.

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