Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sweet Pickle Relish

I'm still dealing with a huge pile of cucumbers in the fridge, and even more coming in from the garden every day.  Today I made a batch of Sweet Pickle Relish, which we use quite often on hot dogs, in my tuna salads, and in deviled eggs.

This is a good way to use up the really big cucumbers or those that are misshapen, because you grind them up.  I use my food processor, and it does a really good job.  The recipe calls for removing the seeds from the cucumbers first, but I just leave them in.  I wouldn't bother unless your cucumbers are older and have hard seeds, but these are all very soft.
 Ground up about 4 pounds of cucumber and they filled up my processor container. Then put in a colander and drain as much water and juice as you can.
 I heated the vinegar and spice mixture and then put the drained ground cucumbers and chopped sweet onion in to cook for about 10 minutes.  Then fill your sterilized jars and process for another 10 minutes in a water bath.
 All done! I added my label and will store them for a few weeks before using.  This made 5 half pint, and 3 pint jars, so we're set for a while!
Ready for those summer hot dogs on the grill!

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