Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Garden Notes - May 13, 2016

Things are progressing. This week we started picking beans, and we're seeing tomatoes on all of the plants. 
 The first of the Florida F1 tomatoes
 Rapunzel tomatoes
Those Rapunzel tomato plants are just covered in blooms!
 10 Fingers of Naples paste tomatoes just getting started.
Picking wax beans (Gold Mine) and green beans (Carson) already. I'm liking these Carson, they're nice and straight and beautiful.
Thursday I had to freeze some of these veggies.
Lest you think everything is just going great in the garden, I submit this photo of the Red Kuri squash. Every single one of them looks like this. ??? I have no idea why. Time to pull them up and start over.
Bagging the grapes to keep the birds away (we hope!)
 Out of 4 peach trees, this is all we're getting this year. Such disappointment!
More and more of the huckleberries are turning dark. Still very firm though, so I'm leaving them be.

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