Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Oregano

Another herb I have out in the garden every year is oregano.  It grows very easily here, and I believe it is in the mint family - so you can count on it to spread by the roots. I've had plants that have lasted several years, but I'm starting over with a new one this year. I have it in a corner of Bed #4, so it's out of the way and it can go ahead and spread around there all it wants to.

If you snip it off at the top occasionally, it will grow bushier and bigger, and I've read that mid-summer is the best time to cut it back for drying since it's at the strongest flavor then.

Oregano is used in Italian foods and several recipes, and it's scent is fantastic.  Another good herb to grow just for the smell as you brush by it.

I'm planning on trying this white wine marinade once I get enough fresh oregano, probably in a month or so.  Doesn't it sound fantastic on some grilled chicken? Yum!

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