Monday, April 18, 2016

N is for Name Stakes

Bed #1 stakes are pink
I'll admit it, my memory is terrible.  I can't remember what I had for breakfast most it's no surprise that I have to put name stakes up in the garden to remember what in the heck I planted where.

Once the plants start showing up, it's fairly easy to know what type of plant they are, but the specific variety name is beyond me.  So, to help know what's what, I go to the extra effort of putting in name stakes by each planting.

I find it really helps, now even my husband doesn't need to ask me what a particular plant is when he's out there helping out!  Win, win!
Bed #4 stakes are purple

These are mostly the very inexpensive survey stakes that I get by the dozen at my local Home Depot store - they really don't cost much at all.  I also bought several wooden rulers (3 for a $) at the Dollar Store, and they've lasted a second year, too.  Last year I used a regular permanent marker to label them, but they all faded badly once the Texas sun beat down on them, so this year I got paint pens (black and white.)  I painted them this year, too, so I could use them a second year.  Each bed got it's own color.

If anything, they really help brighten up the garden!

The Potting Shed garden stakes are brown

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